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Who are the Caminitis?

This incredible family of 6 consists of Mike, Emily, and 4 awesome kids . . . Michael (11), Carter (9), Sophia (8), and Luca (4)!   Both Mike and Emily are from Columbus, Ohio and met their freshman year of high school.    Mike is a High School math teacher and in the military and Emily is an Office Manager for a financial group.  They love hanging out with friends and family, taking long hikes, going to the lake, riding bikes, and spending time playing at the local parks!   They also love to travel and experience new places!

Why did you decide to sell?

Honestly, it wasn’t planned!  We were considering refinancing our home because of the record-breaking low-interest rates!  After we saw our appraisal value we thought we should at least entertain the idea of selling.  We had met Angie through Emily’s brother a few years ago and thought it was worth having a conversation.



Why Angelina Fox-Smith & Company?

After sitting down with Angie we just knew it was the right time! Not only was she personable and knowledgeable but she gave us the confidence we needed to go full steam ahead!  We were listed a few weeks later and actually IN CONTRACT after a weekend full of showings!  All of this happened less than one month after sitting down with Angie.  Everything she said in that first meeting came to fruition!

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What were you looking for in your new home?

The location and neighborhood was huge!  We knew we wanted to be in a neighborhood with kids our children’s ages.  We wanted an area where they could ride their bikes to and from the park with friends!  We knew this was our home because we weren’t ready to leave after the showing.  In fact, we were standing outside after the front door was locked and we asked to go back in to see it one more time! We just had that feeling this wasn’t just another house . . . it was going to be our home!    

What surprised you the most about your real estate experience?

How much fun it can be!  This was our third time buying and first time selling.   We fully credit Angie and her team for making our experience enjoyable and memorable.   The team they have built is remarkable . . . they have it down to a science with their Contract Timeline and deadlines for each step.  Their process truly takes the stress out of buying and selling a home!  Angie always made us feel as if we were her priority and only clients.  She has become a friend and our kids just love her!  Every single expectation she set in our very first meeting was either met or exceeded.  What a rare find!


The Caminiti's Top Selling Tip:

Put some elbow grease in and take the time to present your home at its best. Staging your home and having professional photography taken definitely makes a difference too.  Angelina's team only hires the best and takes care of the staging and professional photography!  

The Caminiti's Top Buying Tip:

One of many things we learned from Angie during the buying experience was as she said,  “do not settle!"  We have never experienced a realtor that cared so much about us buying “our home” versus just a house.  So . . . we'll share the same advice!  DO NOT SETTLE!  

What are you looking forward to in your new home?

Having friends and family over! Ugh, COVID! Seriously though, just watching this home become ours and the kids growing up in it.  This will be the house they make the most memories in and one day will move out of when it's time for their own home.  

"We needed a Realtor we could trust to have our best interest in mind."


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